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I feel the need, the need for speed (How to speed up your SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformation)

Published on 12 August 2022
SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformation
Norb Brumbergs
Norb Brumbergs
Sr. Vice President SAP Delivery

Norb is an innovative and effective Senior Information Technology and Program Management Executive.  A driven and passionate leader focused on speed and quality that has delivered large transformational programs  enabling growth and business value.  Experience includes establishing digital foundations through developing and integrating complex solutions in a variety of industries as both a client and consultant. 

This quote has been revived in the last few weeks with the release of Top Gun: Maverick. It reminded me that I needed to write about speed in the world of SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformations. The idea of fast SAP implementations has been applied with very limited success until recently. For many years an SAP implementation would take 18 to 36 months just for the core solution. Consequently, the cost was way too much, and adoption was low as requirements changed from the time they were documented until the time the business did their user acceptance test sometimes 2 or more years later. Today, we can do it much faster. After reading a dozen articles on the topic, the consensus is they still can take 9 to 24 months with an average of around 18 months. Very much depends on the scope and the complexity of the current environment especially the number of interfaces or connection points to other systems. In my experience, speed is attainable. So, let’s have a conversation around the five “W’s” and discuss key elements to achieve speed during your SAP digital transformation.

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