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Unlock your business potential with Applexus xCare Application Management Services (AMS)
With a new perspective and strategy for Application Management Services (AMS), you can go beyond the basics, promote innovation and enhance growth. SAP leads the way in business innovation, enabling businesses to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer behavior. Companies often invest millions in enterprise software without realizing that the solutions' real value is in their ability to solve specific business problems.
AP automation Solution
10 must-have capabilities for your AP automation solution

Most organizations today are moving away from manual Accounts Payable (AP) practices and slowly making upgrades to realize a holistic invoice ecosystem. The goal is to embrace technology and practices that will streamline their processes through end-to-end automation.

3 key things to consider prior to an SAP S/4HANA implementation
Are you ready to modernize your information technology platform because it is a set of outdated legacy systems that no longer supports your business adequately? Today’s technology provides innovative solutions that bring more value, streamline processes, improve business agility, accelerate efficiency, and improve the bottom line. They can help scale, grow, and transform your business into an industry-leading entity. Many organizations are migrating from SAP ECC to S/4HANA or implementing SAP for the first time with S/4HANA. The key to success is getting started the right way.
Flexible Purchase Commitment in S/4HANA
Building Supply Chain resilience with Flexible Purchase Commitment in S/4HANA

Supply chains must be agile and responsive in today’s unpredictable and disruptive global environment. Ideally, suppliers would want to know in the early stages the exact order quantities of an item with enough lead time to procure raw materials and plan the production process and delivery schedule. However, that is rarely the case.

Operate and innovate better with SAP Application Management Services

SAP has been reinventing how businesses run, and has enabled them to adapt quickly to the ever-changing business landscape. If you have already implemented SAP for your business, you know how well it redefined your business processes. While deploying SAP in your organization is the right step towards innovation and sustainability of your business, the journey doesn’t end there.

Supply Protection in S/4HANA
Serve your priority customers/market segments with Supply Protection in S/4HANA

Hyper-personalization has grown strong in the last few years and along these lines, businesses are expected to deliver channel-agnostic tailor-made offers and exemplary customer service, that creates an intimate and individualized value for repeat engagement and more loyalty.

migration to S/4HANA
6 key reasons why you should move to S/4HANA now
Businesses on the legacy SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) may be planning to stick around, despite the success of S/4HANA. A host of reasons such as fewer internal resources, lack of organizational focus, change management concerns, huge financial investment, return on that investment, lack of understanding of the benefits of upgrading, and a sense of comfort in ECC led them to dismiss
CFO- Why Should I Invest In Yet Another SAP Upgrade?
I have seen too many SAP upgrades end up as just technical IT upgrades with no exploitation of the newly introduced functionality to create business value. If there is one message that must be emphasized, it’s this: Don’t make your upgrade to S/4HANA about IT! Seek out the business value that can be realized from the new solution and hold your CIO and IT organization accountable for delivering it!
SAP CAR Retail Solution
Do retailers need more from their data? – Look at SAP CAR

Even before the onset of COVID-19, the retail industry had undergone dramatic changes. Consumers can now shop whenever and wherever they want, and technology has made it easy to compare products and prices among retailers and across channels. 

Hyper-personalization – Reinventing Customer Experience

Customers expect hyper-personalization. They have started experiencing the benefits of it with other brands and come to anticipate the same from you. Especially in recent years, customers have started looking for more tailor-made experiences in exchange for the sensitive data they are prepared to share.


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