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SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformation
I feel the need, the need for speed (How to speed up your SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformation)

This quote has been revived in the last few weeks with the release of Top Gun: Maverick. It reminded me that I needed to write about speed in the world of SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformations. The idea of fast SAP implementations has been applied with very limited success until recently. For many years an SAP implementation would take 18 to 36 months just for the core solution.

Business Process Intelligence
How Business Process Intelligence (BPI) delivers value for Digital Transformation Initiatives
In the post-pandemic world, enterprises are even more aware of the importance of continuously evolving their capabilities and being nimble in doing so to maintain their competitive edge. To achieve the twin goals of business transformation on an ongoing basis and faster time to action requires organizations to have a deep understanding of their current processes and optimization opportunities.
Move to S/4HANA
Looking for a fast and agile way to move to SAP S/4?

A hot topic in the SAP ecosystem is SAP S/4 Transformation where you migrate your existing landscape into the latest ERP by SAP.  Most companies look at this migration as an ominous task that will take several years before any value can be achieved.

Greenfield? Brownfield? Neither! Part two

Last time I talked about how “greenfield” and “brownfield” are outdated approaches to your digital transformation as every company has a unique starting point, goals, risk tolerance and more.

Data Analytics in Fashion Industry
Protecting margins of fashion brands with price variance analytics

The fashion industry is known for its volatility. The competitive landscape in fashion is packed with unprecedented challenges during a product’s journey from design to delivery. There is often a long lead time between the conception of a product and the time taken for it to hit the shelf – often referred to as the ‘critical path’.

10 cost-saving measures to improve ROI for invoice processing?

Businesses want to leverage the highest financial benefits from their investments. Ideally, every dollar invested in labor, technology, machinery, or other classes must produce significant returns. Companies always consider the Return on Investment (ROI) on every expense.

SAP BW Bridge for Data Warehouse Cloud
BW Bridge: Coupling the best of both worlds

Most organizations today recognize the importance of reporting, analysis and interpretation of business data in generating better business outcomes for a sustained competitive advantage. SAP’s on-prem Data Warehousing product SAP BW helps integrate, transform, and synthesize relevant business data from disparate sources of data including external data sources.

S4 Fashion Challenges
How S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business Overcomes Challenges in the Fashion Industry

With new trends and concepts emerging all the time, the fashion industry has a history of pushing boundaries. In the coming years, the fashion sector will see massive amounts of innovation with customer expectations shifting around interaction, shopping experience, and multiple touchpoints; introducing a new degree of complexity.

Digital transformation initiatives
Realizing business value from your transformation initiatives

Today, more so than ever before, companies are expecting digital transformation initiatives to deliver better shareholder value through operational efficiencies and providing a superior experience to their customers, partners and employees.

digital transformation journey
Why are you, the CFO, struggling with your digital transformation journey?

During my career advising finance organizations on their transformation programs, the CFO’s role has evolved. Traditionally the job was to protect the assets of the company and meet statutory reporting and compliance requirements.